Grumpy Old Dudes is an established guild on Silvermoon.

We are a guild of older (over 25 - in some cases well over 25) players who can't always play as much as we would like, due to work and family commitments, etc.

We do make an effort to raid, and we try and schedule raid days to fit in with everyone.

We also do other guild activities, like Challenge Mode dungeons, and Mythic instances. Whatever we do, we try and do it in a guild group, because we enjoy each others' company.

Guild chat is rarely silent, and should you be at max level and ready to dip your toes into the world of raiding, we are more than happy to help you gear up, be it crafting gear or running heroics.

We have some very experienced players who are more than happy to explain tactics etc, with no pressure whatsoever. If we wipe, we are more likely to laugh than complain, and we do not play the blame game.

So, if you are tired of dealing with all the children in the game, and just want to be grumpy some days, we might be your new home! ;-)

If you would like to join us, whisper any member of the guild, for more information, or for an invite. Alternatively you can register on our Forum and drop us an introductory message.